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Versatile bio user guide (v. 2306-EN2)

About Versatile Bio

Versatile Bio is a mobile and versatile real-time biosignal amplifier, optimised for out-of-the-lab applications that require great freedom of movement for the user, and exceptional signal quality for the researcher. With a simple placement on the arm or waist, it can reliably record 21 channels (extensible to 35) for sensors. Its great multi-sensory versatility, its simplicity of use, comfort for the researcher and for the end-user, as well as its optimisation to work in mobility conditions, open a wide range of possibilities to use it both in the laboratory and in outpatient research applications out of the laboratory.

Channels available for sensors:

  • Bipolar electical biosignals 
  • Analogue biosignals 
  • Movement activity
  • Behaviour inputs 
  • Communication inputs/outputs

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Versatile Bio