EEG Versatile 32ch


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Versatile 32 ch user guide (v. 2306-EN2)

About EEG Versatile 32ch

The semi-dry EEG caps with 32 channels are mobile EEG devices for real-time recording. They are designed for versatile monitoring in a wide range of environments, providing great comfort to the researcher and freedom of movement to the user.

Main features

  • Mobile and wireless comfortable technology that is fast and easy to set up and wear. Can be integrated with eye tracking, VR, and many other technologies.
  • Sensors moistened with tap water. Up to 6+ hours of continuous recording.
  • Flexibility as electrodes can be placed anywhere in the International 10-10 / 10-20 system from infants to adults.
  • Developed with highly stable contacts and active shields that allow reliable and precise monitoring even in ambulatory conditions or in the presence of electromagnetic noise.
  • Perform clinical research, new neurorehabilitation therapies, or assessment of interventions based on EEG patterns.
  • Combine EEG correlates with other biosignals, ExG, movement activity (IMU) and communication Digital input and photodiode.
EEG Versatile 32ch