EEG Versatile Kids 16/32ch

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EEG Versatile Kids 16 user guide (v. 2012-EN2)

About EEG Versatile Kids 16/32ch


The semi-dry EEG caps with 16 or 32 channels are mobile EEG devices for real-time recording. They are adapted for the pediatric population and designed for versatile monitoring in a wide range of environments. Versatile Kids EEG have a longer sensor bundle, allowing different set-ups based on the use case. 

  • Mobile and wireless: Technology designed to be comfortable to set up and wear for babies and children. Bluetooth streaming and/or on-board SD storage. 
  • Outstanding usability: Quick and easy set up even by non-technical experts, under different laboratory conditions. 
  • Versatile layout: It can be placed in any position or by following the predefined layout within 10/20 and 10/10 international system. 
  • Reliable semi-dry EEG monitoring:  High-quality EEG that records with a resolution of 24 bits at 256Hz for 8+ hours thanks to active shielding with stable sensor contacts. 
  • Practical technology: clean technology that works with absorbent materials moistened tap water. Easy to transport and minimal maintenance. 
  • High software compatibility: Intuitive software suite for users or SDK for programmers, and great compatibility with Matlab, Python, etc. 



EEG Versatile Kids 16/32ch