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Ring user guide (v. 2306-EN2)

About Ring

Ring is a mobile and reliable biosignal device for the monitoring of electrodermal (EDA / GSR) and cardiovascular activity (BVP). It has been designed for real-world research scenarios that require great comfort for the user as well as an agile set up and outstanding signal quality for the researcher.

Main features

  • Comfortable that can be set up easily in seconds.
  • Dry sensors are located on the fingers for optimal reading of galvanic skin response and heartbeat detection.
  • High-Fidelity Electronics Signal acquisition layer optimized to improve SNR and to reduce artifacts caused by muscle movements and EMF interference. Built-in ACC sensors can help filter data during disruptive movements.
  • Real-Time Data Access Raw data can be accessed over Bluetooth via the expansive Bitbrain SDK or via LSL, Python, Matlab, etc.