Tobii Pro Fusion

About Tobii Pro Fusion

Tobii Pro Fusion is the next generation of compact high-performance eye trackers from Tobii
Pro. It provides a flexible solution that supports different research scenarios and study designs.

Main features

  • Slim design that integrates well with external monitors up to 24 inches and laptop screens.
  • Able to be mounted on a tripod and coupled with a scene camera so it can be used in study setups that use real-world stimuli such as physical objects or scenes.
  • The sampling speed of up to 250 Hz allows you to capture data for a wide range of experimental paradigms (fixation, smooth pursuit, and saccade-based).
  • Two eye tracking cameras and two pupil tracking modes (bright and dark pupil).
  • Enables you to adapt your data collection setup to different research populations, scenarios, and date requirements.

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